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         These are strange times we are living in. First quarter of 2020 hit us hard with this global pandemic. We are finding ourselves inside a new normal, that is anything but, and while ethically responsible social-distancing may keep our in-person dalliances on hold, our basic human needs for connection and intimacy (and meme sharing) haven’t changed in the wake of global quarantines, in fact are more needed now than ever. For this reason I thought virtual dating will be a great idea to build and maintain connection while world burns around us. Have a look at these packages and contact me 
Texting – flirting, connecting, catching up, photos, memes! (traditional texting or encrypted apps)                                                                            – 150 euro/day or  500 euro/week 
Phone chats – previously known friends or 1 week of texting subscribers
– 30 minutes/ 100 euro or 3 sessions/ 250 euro 
– 60 minutes/ 180 euro or 3 sessions/ 400 euro 
Video calls – previously known friends or 1 week texting subscription +1 phone call
– 30 minutes/ 150 euro or 3 sessions/ 380 euro   
 – 60 minutes/ 200 euro or 3 sessions/ 500 euro. 
For once love in the time of Corona ends, you can book me in advance for the sumptuous adventures of romance. Note that all travelling requires a confirmation fee. 

















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