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Worldly Desires

There is a subject that is very close to my heart and that is assisting the less fortunate. I’m certain that our encounters will be immensely rewarding to one another. Why not pass some of our pleasure on to those who may not enjoy the luxury that we do?

Let’s make a difference together.

While your primary motivation to donate to charity should be altruism, I also think you should know that great tax benefits exists for those who give.

 An organisation in which  I believe and I support: Mary’s Meals from Scotland that offers a meal everyday for children in schools from very poor communities. It helps the children to have energy for study, because in the most cases it is their only meal and it encourages the parents to send them to school instead of sending them to work for earning a meal. It costs around 11 GBP to feed a child during an entire school year.


Another  great initiative here in Romania, these people from Habitat for Humanity are building homes for poor people or those who lost their house after natural disasters . Their motto is “Give a hope”



Private desires

I desire to spend my time growing and evolving in every area of my life and have eclectic interests. I am deeply moved by music: whether is night at opera or a pop concert, music is truly a universal language.

A  concert, an afternoon spent browsing an art gallery or museum – heaven!

A night in a hidden jazz bar, a spa delightment for both of us or why not a tantric massage, what can be more indulging?

I am a wanderlust spirit so an adventurous day of discovering a new citadelle is perfect.

If any or all these pastimes interest you, we should enjoy one another’s company on many levels… which is my deepest, most private desire.


Personal desires

Keep in mind, I am a girl and a girl cannot live only by enlightment. Below you will find a few personal luxuries that always put a smile on my face:

Books: Art History  Architecture

Sweets : dark chocolate and Middle Eastern sweets.

Perfumes:  Acqua di Parma, Hermes, PROFVMVM ROMA 

Music: depending of my mood – bossa nova, jazz, fado, electronic, trip hop, rock.


It truly is the thought that counts!


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