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Fall for me

“True debauchery is liberating, because it creates no obligations. In it, you possess only yourself, hence it remains the favorite pastime of the great lovers of their own person.”

Albert Camus

I was born in a beautiful  family, in Romania, my parents are intellectuals , I was offered a good education and always  I felt lucky for who I am and for what I am prospected to achieve in my life.

I have always offered respect to people and I think that is the reason why I was treated with dignity and respect by all the people in my life.

For me there is a big difference between expecting something (happiness, respect, material richness) to come to you because you deserve it and earning the things that you believe are meant for you.

Many people are passing through life without knowing who they are or why they do the things they are doing. as if life is lived by autopilot, heading straight on their way without seeing all there is around them . It happened to me to be so concentrated in a direction and to go passive, to forget about my joys, my desires. Living passively, accepting whatever happens is minimizing the chances to create the lives we want. I am aware that out there in the world are people who don’t have the right to choose for themselves and have no possibility to change that,

I always lived my life as an adventure and i consider every aspect as an event, with goods and bads. I never lost the faith that tomorrow it will be better and I am always grateful that I am alive and healthy and free to take my own decisions and I put passion and heart in every day of my life.

I wasn’t aware of all this until I started writing on this site. trying to write something about myself, the person who I am . Several times I was writing about someone else, a person that wasn’t me because I  was trying to build an escort site, not to present myself as I am.

Sitting down and analysing myself, how I got in this way, how I become the person that I am, I got to the conclusion that it I am who I want to be because of the people around me and the decisions that I took  regarding them. I am a good friend because of my friends, I am a good daughter because of my parents, I am good woman with a good heart because of the men that I met. And someday I will be a good wife and a good mother. Because I am choosing in my life to offer the best to the people around me.

I am a sensitive person with the heart filled with a huge love for everyone and everything.

I am a very simple person with a very complex list of interest . I am respectful and conservative, because I was educated this way but still, my mind is widely open for discovering and living new experiences and sharing other cultures.

I am intelligent an exquisite and I put these qualities in everything I do… So please contact me only if you are an upscale, with a generous heart and appreciation for a lady who is beautiful both inside and outside…

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