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I am attracted to the gentleman for whom good manners are a second nature. As a  lady, I consider ungracious actions inadmissible from any suitor.

Good manners are a paramount

Polite, kind and courteous synergy always describes the time I spend with a gentleman friend. This type of communication develops harmony and leads to a beautiful encounter. I am not capable to indulge anybody with anything less than a good-natured spirit.


Thoughtfulness is unrivaled

Nice gestures impress and make a woman feel dearly appreciated. An attentive gentleman has no hesitations amplifying the nuances that impress like priceless actions. Where this will lead? – Only such a gentleman will discover. . .

Consideration is seamless

It is my pleasure to share a beautiful experience with you! For this I will receive your consideration graciously, as a gesture of affection .

Any discussion during our meeting regarding the consideration will regrettably terminate our meeting and any further contact. Discretly place my consideration in an unsealed envelope and leave it in a visible place or if you wish to be more original, offer me your favourite book with the envelope inside. If it is to meet in a public venue, salute me casually with a decorative gift bag containing my consideration.

In the event that you will wish to spend more time together you may ask if my schedule is available and kindly offer me the additional consideration.

Email formalities are demanded

The way we write is a reflection of our personality, so take the chance to make a great impression. Any form of vulgarity or rudeness or explicit descriptions will direct your uninspired inquiry to the “trash” folder .

You never done this before and you have no idea  how to start : You  know  already a little bit about me (from our friend, the internet) so we have a start of sympathy. Tell me about you and how you see our time together. Be sincere, polite, funny, flirtatious – whatever your mood is. I am interested to know how you are, along with the information regarding your identity. I am not expecting Shakespeare, just express yourself nice and normal.  Again, I am repeating, don’t lower the knowledge of writing that you were given to explicit content or acronyms and price inquiry, it will make me believe that internet has reached to the caves and Neanderthal dude is online.

Indulgence is understood

I am a companion for the  very few and very brilliant gentlemen.  Our time together is a beautiful adventure, a romantic affair from my heart to your heart, offered with pleasure and rewarded with generosity.Inquiries containing acronyms or questions reffering to services show a lack of experience and an unbalanced psyche, since a true  gentleman with a vivid imagination knows what means a beautiful adventure between a woman and a man.  This should remain unspoken and should  never be discussed.


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