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Our Date

Never forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours ”   

Ludwig Van Beethoven 


 Our date is an adventure for me as it is for you. 

I am not here as a service provider, I am a woman with passions and desires, I like from time to time to have little escapades. 

Commonly asked on almost every dating website is what makes “the perfect/ideal date”. I figure– seeing as my bond with my gentlemen has over time expanded into more thoughtful relationship-esque experiences that involve elements of conventional dating– that I should go in detail on my preferences. As I get to know my lovers on a deeper level and vice versa, and after experiencing a plethora of drink and dinner dates, trying to find the next step adventure becomes a topic of question.

I’ve always had a heart for adventure. I enjoy trying new things. Be it tasting new foods, exploring new places or learning new things, it’s just who I am. We tend to be the company we seek, so I’ve noticed that most the gentlemen I am meeting share the same passion for the exploration as I do. I always love being taken on a date to try something different. I have one beloved partner who tries new interesting bars and restaurants to take me out. Dates with him have included trips to high-end places and amazing simple places to try different local cuisines. I have always adored the unconventional and unique atmosphere places like this provide. I believe that life is too short to ignore the wonderfully creative things that world travelling has to offer and I cherish dates like this because I always crave new experience and new knowledge. 

I am sharing my personal charm only with the exquisite man, THE ONE who enjoys savouring the precious moments of indulgence,  the gentleman who understands a woman’s desire to be adored and explores the deepest desire with a sensual and responsive Lady. I will call it sophisticated lovemaking to achieve the goal that is a body-mind-spirit connection, to be lost in the ecstasy and to manifest the pure pleasure and joy.

With my greatest sincerity and love,


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