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Can’t wait?

” Be happy for this moment.

This moment is your life”

Omar Khayyam

You have carefully read my ideas expressed on this website and you discovered you wish to meet me. Here is what you should know:




Confidentiality :

The fact that I am independent  means that you always communicate only with me.

I answer all my e-mails personally to meet your expectations for quality and confidentialitty.

I am fully commited to protect your privacy as well as mine!

Please note that I don’t send absolutely my full photos because I have to protect my privacy . I am a sexy and beautiful woman, with a sensual face. You will be not certainly disappointed by my face or my body. So please don’t ask my to send my photos by e-mail. I will never do it.

For me there is no reason to offer services I don’t want to. When I receive  a request, the most important thing is the way it is written – I  don’t answer vulgar or sexual explicit content. The direct contact with the person I am thinking about having an appointment it is of overriding importance – otherwise I worked for an agency- which I don’t want



Because I am not in this “business” for “professional” reasons and  I am choosing to meet only the interesting, amusing and nicest men, I care a lot about how a man is aproaching me. 

So please kindly introduce yourself in an email and don’t forget to mention your full name , date, time and location of the meeting and other details about you that you consider important for me to know.

All requests  are subject to verification so please be prepared to answer a few screening questions. I am highly selective about those that I meet.  Rest assured that your personal information is treated with the utmost respect, and your privacy will never be compromised.  

If we haven’t met before  I will need to check the identity you provided.

If you are not comfortable with revealing your true identity, then I am not the girl for you.

Please trust my absolute discretion and my respect for you, as I am counting on yours.

 I am looking forward to read about you at:


Always remember: 

“Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go”

Margaret Walker




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